14 Effective Growth Hacking Techniques

December 20, 2018


1. Automate like no one’s business. Automation and repetition are key to growth hacking success. Use software and tools to help you do your job faster. See what works and then streamline it.


2. Double-sided referrals. Provide referrals that benefit both parties (the individual doing the referring and the individual being referred).


3. Abandoned cart emails. If you run an ecommerce business, consider setting up emails to send to users who abandon their shopping cart. Users don’t finish checking out for a variety of reasons, including simple distraction. These cart reminder emails are great for getting shoppers back in line – in fact, a study by Salecycle shows that nearly 50% of abandoned cart emails are opened, with one third of clicks resulting in a purchase!


4. Free for bloggers. Bloggers are a great source of product reviews (and backlinks) to your site. Make it easy for bloggers to try out your product or service by including a “free for bloggers” option within your pricing page. (Alternatively, you could do “Are you a blogger doing a review? Contact us” or something similar.) Get the blogger’s email and see if they are an appropriate blog to work with. Then email them all the info and graphics they need to create a hit blog post, making their life that much easier. 

In a similar vein, be sure to reach out to bloggers in your industry and court them for a review. Not everyone will say yes, but some certainly will.


5. Get niche with social sharing. Naturally you want to share your content online, and you’ll toss your post to the usual social media gauntlets like Facebook and Twitter. However, there’s so much more you can do.

Find a narrow subreddit related to your topic (there’s a subreddit on every subject under the sun) and post there, rather than to larger, more general subreddits. Also share your stuff on Quora, forums, and in the comments of other blogs (so long as what you’re sharing is relevant to the discussion). 


6. Test everything. Testing is the best way to carve away at your site until it’s a sleek, efficient, and high-performing piece of perfection. Test anything and everything!


7. User-generated content contests. Host a photography or video contest asking customers to show why they love your product or service. Not only do contests get a lot of attention, but that valuable user-generated content can be utilized elsewhere in form of testimonials or for re-sharing across social sites.




8. Not your grandma’s content. Craft interesting, above-the-rest videos and mega-guides so you're offering truly awesome content. Remember free tools count as content too! And they can get people interested in your paid offering.


9. Be a personality. Sometimes it pays to be an odd duck. Embarking on outrageous and unusual PR and marketing campaigns can get news sites interested. If multiple news outlets write up a piece covering your business (even if it’s for being ‘out there’), you’ve won.


10. Make the most of your data. Your data is a valuable weapon, but if left unsharpened, it can’t do much good. Make sure you are utilizing your data and filtering it to siphon out the insight you need (whether you’re talking demographics, content, site activity, etc). 


11. Fake it till you make it. You have to dress for the job, even if the suit is 3x too big! Many sites that rely on user-generated content have a hard time getting off the ground. After all, no one wants to hang out in a graveyard. If necessary, don’t be afraid to even up the odds a bit by seeding supply (aka, create artificial content). When Reddit first began, they had to create fake user accounts to generate interest. You might benefit doing something similar.


12. PPC. Pay-per-click marketing is not just a great method for driving conversions, but also can be used to validate ideas, test wording, and learn what language customers are attracted to. Even startups with a tight budget should consider sparing $100-$200 on PPC simply to test and validate different ad concepts.


13. Remarketing. Remarketing is powerful stuff – get it on your side! Not only does remarketing (showing ads to people who have already visited your site) boast nice conversion rates, but it also does a lot to build your brand. The more users see your company on their favorite blogs, the more you stick in their minds. Suddenly you’re not a nameless nobody. Users may even see you as more trustworthy and established.


14. Swing your partner. Partnering up with complementary businesses is another sweet growth hacking technique to expand your audience. Host a partner webinar, run a joint contest, offer unique promotions to the partner customers, and you’ll be reaching a whole new audience without breaking a sweat.

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