The Best Articles Always Have This (and a Great Headline)


Everything up to now — all these markers that flag a reader to come in for a landing — traded in words.

But not the next element. And curiously enough, it’s probably as important and powerful as the headline.

Remember the episode of Rough Draft about the headline experiment involving Google Reader?

Remember how host Demian Farnworth said he learned that trick from Robert Scoble, who claimed to be able to “read” 1,000 blog posts in a very short period of time?

Well, it was the headline and the image that got him to stop and pay attention to the blog posts he was actually going to read.

But not just any image.

In this roughly 10-minute episode of Rough Draft with Demian Farnworth, you’ll discover:

  • Demian’s favorite places to grab beautiful images (free of restrictions)
  • Some of the best publications using images
  • The one reason why you would be silly not to use beautiful images with your articles
  • The neat trick you can use to get more attention when you embed images in your articles
  • How one SEO consultant ups the ante with his images

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