Recent Mobile Metric Report from Yesmail

Mobile clicks accounted for 40% of all marketing email clicks in the fourth quarter of 2014, a 10% year-over-year increase, according to a recent report from Yesmail.


The report was based on data from 4Q14 and 4Q13 marketing emails sent via Yesmail’s campaign management platform. The researchers examined year-over-year changes for key metrics such as click-to-open rate (CTO), desktop-to-mobile purchase ratio, average order value, and conversion rate.

Average mobile CTO increased 20% between 4Q13 and 4Q14, and average desktop CTO increased 6%, the analysis found.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Purchase Behavior

Mobile conversion rate (purchase resulting from an email click) grew 70% between 4Q14 and 4Q13; the average desktop conversion rate declined 4%.
Mobile revenue share grew by one-third and made up 20% of all email-generated revenue in 4Q14.
The share of orders completed on mobile devices grew 21% between 4Q13 and 4Q14, reaching almost one-fourth of all email-generated orders.
Average order value (AOV) for mobile grew 28%, double the annual growth of desktop AOV.
The average revenue per mobile email click was 40 cents in 4Q14, compared with 19 cents for desktop clicks.
Use of smartphones for completing orders went up almost at the exact same rate (8%) that purchases completed on tablets went down (-7%).
Responsive Design

Some 37% of all emails deployed in 4Q14 used responsive design, a 28% increase from the previous quarter.
CTO for mobile emails was significantly higher (14.1%, on average) for marketers who used responsive design in all of their mailings than those who used it in none of their campaigns (10.1%).


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