QuickHits – 30 Minutes of Digital Training

9747383-trainingAs I continue to enhance the tools and processes at my company, one of the great challenges is to keep all departments up-to-date on the latest and greatest.

Apart from from sharing the information on the company Intranet and blasting out the process via email, I have devised another solution to keep everyone informed.

Every two weeks, right before lunch,  I schedule 30 minutes for the people in our enterprise to meet via webex.  Everyone in the company is invited to attend.

During this time, I focus on a single element of a particular topic and walk the team through the who, what, where, when, why and how.  I record these calls for anyone who is unable to attend.  This personal approach has been very successful. One of the reasons for the ongoing success of these meetings is: people just don’t read.  (They don’t read email and they don’t read information on the intranet. )

I keep these calls to just 30 minutes because it makes this meeting a minimal commitment and increases engagement across the company.

A sampling of past topics included:

  • What’s new in Mobile
  • Developing Your Media Calendar
  • How to Evaluate your KPIs
  • Image Uage for Web, Eblasts and Mobile
  • Understanding Google Analytics Goals
  • Eblast Best Practices
  • Manage pop-ups and emergency messaging
  • SharePoint Basics
  • Web Maintenance Tips/Processes
  • Driving Revenue through Passkey

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