How to Run Department Meetings


Most departments do not set standards for meetings.  One of the outcomes of this is that meetings that are run by different individuals do not produce consistent results throughout the group.  An overall directive for meetings is a must for any organization.  The below items are suggested best practices:

All Status Meetings, schedule one hour; however, only use first 30 minutes.  (Extra time to flex in dire times or do project related work.)

All Meeting invites will have regular and toll-free conference call numbers with host number in parenthesis.

All Meeting invites have webconference information.

If Meeting will project anything on a screen, the webconference needs to be engaged if there are remote team members.

Critical milestone review meetings will be recorded via webconference to provide access to those that missed.

No formal project meetings to be scheduled on Wednesday mornings or Fridays.

First 15 minutes of all meetings are to be smartphone/laptop free.

All meetings have distributed agenda sent more than one hour prior to meeting.

All meetings have minutes circulated after the meeting same day, with documented decisions and clear action items with dates and people accountable.

Expectation that if you accept invite, you will be attending meeting on-time.

For review meetings, everyone is expected to come to meeting with document read through.

Possible schedule of review quiet-time to prepare for meetings.

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