How to Find Your Hidden Revenue Sources


You develop a wining strategy for your search engine marketing, eblasts and social media; yet, the revenue you know it’s driving isn’t appearing on the reports.

When you present the ROI to management, they are disappointed with the lackluster campaigns, they decry social media as a waste of time/money.

How do you find the hidden revenue of your campaigns?

Google Analytics has a clever way to now capture this “lost” revenue.  It’s called “Assisted Conversions”.

Assisted Conversions
This is the number of sales and conversions the channel assisted. If a channel appears anywhere — except as the final interaction — on a conversion path, it is considered an assist for that conversion.

Typically, most reports look only at the last interaction before the sale.  If we think about how people interact with social media and eblasts, these channels pique the interest of the consumer to learn more about your products.  In this case, if they learn about your project via Facebook then purchase the product from the website directly, the website would get the credit but not Facebook.  Assisted Conversions reveal the source interaction of the guest and their various touchpoints until they ultimately purchase a product.

With the power of being able to view the various assists until the booking, this allows marketers to showcase the true ROI of all their marketing campaigns and thus find the “hidden revenue”.