Empowering Your Team


I implemented a program for my team to develop their leadership skills, create a greater sense of team, cultivate subject matter expertise and to populate a knowledge base.  The program was called the Sphere of Leadership Initiative based on how it was represented with a venn diagram.  I gave each of my team members an area (sphere): budget, resourcing/allocations, innovation, scoping/execution (best practices), vendor and training.   The spheres are all overlapping which meant that they would all have to work together since each specialty area was not siloed.

The team then performed the following tasks:

  1. Identified all processes and documents that existed for their sphere.
  2. Identified any existing gaps in processes and documents for their sphere.
  3. Prioritized each process/document that needed to be revised/created.
  4. Entered the information into a database that was sortable and shareable.

After all the necessary information per sphere was captured, we were ready to start to deliver value.

We setup recurring Wednesday meetings for one-hour to discuss and document the different sphere initiatives.

The results of this program were amazing!  Below is just a snapshot of the overall department improvements:

  • Department allocations meeting was created with team leads of a three-week resource view per capability.
  • Revised status report that captures all required informaiton on one page.
  • Revised budget report that was fully automated with only single data entry
  • Vendor SOW initiative that would identify all the key components of each proposed contract.
  • Revised estimation processes that produced more accurate estimates in less time.
  • Project plan template that captured  all tasks per milestones with associated timelines.

Moreover, each team member became a recognized expert in the department for their new area of expertise.