Dennis Goedegebuure on the Holistic Practice of SEO and Content Marketing


Listen to Search & Deploy host Loren Baker and Dennis Goedegebuure discuss content for marketplaces, the power of community and audience, and how that content helps attract links and interaction around e-commerce sites.

In this 38-minute episode of Search & Deploy, Loren and Dennis talk about:

  • Content for communities and content that is user-generated
  • Tapping into your audience from a content and sharing/conversation perspective
  • Building sincere localized content that is not solely SEO driven
  • Producing content that mobilizes communities and loyal groups
  • Guidelines that help users generate content that helps the base site they list products on
  • The challenges and limitations of e-commerce sites and marketplaces
  • Short-sighted content and linking by SEOs … for SEO goals only
  • The Content Pyramid system and the importance of producing foundational content
  • Incorporating video, infographics, and written content
  • Bundling it all together to make sure the site benefits from an SEO, marketing, and branding perspective

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