Smartsheet and Productivity

I was recently asked to start to build a Digital Project Management Office (PMO) at my company.  As I work to align various departments,  I searched for a planning, tracking tool that was intuitive and usable.

We’ve been using GoogleSheets to some extent but we didn’t have an overarching way to manage all of the different types of sheets/documents created.  In term of MS Project, very few people have the ability to view MPP files.

Therefore, I started a search to find a happy medium between spreadsheets and MS Project.

I found a tool, I socialized it in the department, and we procured a year licenses.

The tool is Smartsheet.  Smartsheet, is a combination of Excel and Microsoft Project.

This tools seems to solve a number of challenges our department has at this point:

  • Single Repository of Information
  • A Dashboard
  • A Project Management tool that is accessible and easy to use
  • Ability to attach documents to tasks
  • Various views of content from task, card, calendar, gantt

It can be used across various disciplines:

  1. Project management
  2. Operations
  3. Sales
  4. Marketing
  5. Product Development
  6. Human Resources

Give the tool a try and let me know what you think:  Smartsheet

Here is a video about the  Smartsheet tool: